Our effort to help elect Democrats to partisan and non-partisan offices in Douglas County begins with each one of us.  Democrats represent 35-40% of the voting population in Douglas County.  The voice of the Democratic Party should be expressed at all levels, for government to be truly representative.

...Electing the right leaders at local, state and national levels comes down to local organizing and action. 

Helping grow and direct local party resources to what is most important to local Democrats is vital to shaping the future of Douglas County Democrats.  

...I want to help and would like to know more about:

  • Becoming a Precinct Committee Officer (PCO) or Precinct Helper
  • Doorbelling/Canvassing in your neighborhood
  • How to run for office
  • Making phone calls to get acquainted with Democrats and invite them to join our team
  • Fundraising and Event Planning
  • Becoming a Party Officer
  • Helping with voter registration at many events in our area,
  • Outreach and Membership Development
  • Planning Informational Programs
  • Hosting Candidate Meet-n-Greets
  • Help staff our Democratic Headquarters Office, 768 S Mission, Wenatchee!
  • Help write letters or thank you notes
  • Computer data entry, website management, or graphics work,
  • Baking cookies for our events!
  • Other ideas?  It takes a big team to reach out to all of the people in our area!
Please complete and submit the attached form.  We'll be in touch with you right away.