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9/5/2017 LOCAL DEMOCRATS--Early September eLetter

posted Mar 28, 2018, 10:44 PM by Douglas County Democrats


With each of the emails that we send, the list of concerns grows longer.  This week we feel the pain for many whose lives and homes in Texas and the Gulf have been forever changed by Hurricane Harvey.  And Irma is moving onshore and may be even worse.  DACA rose today, impacting more than 17,000 young people and their families and friends in Washington State.  North Korea, the budget and debt ceiling loom large.  DT quickly turned his attention to stir the pot regarding tax reform, careful to keep the spotlight off of anything relating to Russia.   

We haven’t forgotten a single concern—and hope you haven’t either.  We need to catch a deep breath when we can, and keep working smart.   Write and call our representatives and senators, where appropriate.  Rally and march, if you can.  But let’s make sure we’re doing the work to support candidates who won’t need to be convinced that the climate is changing, that all people need healthcare, that our neighbors are our friends, that all of our kids need a good public education, adequate food, and a decent place to live.  And when we get to the far end of life, let us be valued and treated with dignity.

·        With regard to DACA and immigration policy, we’ve asked for some guidance from leaders in our community who work on immigration issues. They encourage us to build a plan with them.  More information will be shared next week.  In the meantime, please consider helping and engaging in some or all of the following events.

·         2017 CHELAN COUNTY FAIR, CASHMERE FAIRGROUNDS (this weekend!)  On the county fair side, it’s “Crunch time!” again.  Thank you to the volunteers from both counties who have already signed up to help at the fair!  We still need a few volunteers for this weekend! There is 1 shift completely empty and 6 that need just one more person.  All the prep and setup will be done tomorrow.  All you need to do is show up and say “Hi!” to fair-folks ;-) Please check out the schedule below and see if you can fill a vacancy






Wed, 9/6



 Frances T / Karen K


 Booth setup



 Don S


Thurs, 9/7

Beth Sattler

Bill Miller

Caitilin Newman

TJ Janssen


Karen Keleman

Nancy Miller

Walter Newman

Lynne Otis

Fri, 9/8

TJ Janssen

Pam Coggins

Pamela Pasquale

Frances Titus


Maggie McManus

Lezlie Coates


Carli Schiffner

Sat, 9/9

TJ Janssen

Andrea Kunz

Pamela Pasquale




Maureen Lewison



Sun, 9/10

TJ Janssen

Rachael Pashkowski

Frances Titus







Booth strike





Please use the online SignUp tool ( or call or text (509-393-2377) Frances Titus, if you have questions. 

·         Democrats of Chelan County, Douglas County Democrats and the 12th LD Democrats will hold a monthly general meeting, Wednesday, September 6, from 6:30-8:30p at the Douglas County Fire District #2 Meeting Room, 377 Eastmont Ave, E Wenatchee.  A brief program will be presented by Jenn Roark, who is a local contact for the I 940 De-Escalate Washington proposal.  Other general business will be conducted.  All who are interested in becoming more involved with the grassroots organizing efforts of the local Democratic Party are encouraged to attend.  Call 509-630-3055 (Karen Keleman) for more information. 

·         Mark your calendars to attend—the Annual Chelan Douglas Democratic Dinner, Wednesday, November 8, 5:30p (social), 6:30-8 (dinner/program).  ATTORNEY GENERAL BOB FERGUSON, guest speaker.  Tickets available next week: $55 adult / $30 student.  Wenatchee Convention Center Grand Apple Ballroom.  Additional details will follow soon, but let’s plan to pack the house and show AG Ferguson how much we appreciate the work he’s doing for all of us! 

Other events to consider: 

·         De-Escalate WA I 940 March in Honor of Matt Folden, Wed 9/6, 10a Centennial Park, Wenatchee  Bring civil signs, rally and march, music, family-friendly event.

·         FILM: An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth To Power.  Showing at Liberty Cinema, Wenatchee, 2:15p and 4:25p until Thursday, 9/7.  Highly recommended by those who have watched it.

·         Climate Conversations NCW Planning Meeting.  Chelan County Fire District #! Meeting room at fire hall on Easy Street.  5—8p

·         Eastmont School Board Meeting, Monday, 9/11, 5:30p Eastmont Administration Offices.  Public comment period near the beginning of each meeting.

·         Many opportunities to help register voters:  follow-up email will be sent this weekend. 

Douglas County Democrats

Democrats of Chelan County

12th LD Democrats

Karen Keleman, Chair

Luther Beaty, Vice-chair

LaVern Strawn, SCW

Don Spurlock, SCM

Rebecca Cattin, Secretary

Pam Morris, Treasurer


Bill Miller, Chair

Joanna Nesgoda, Vice-chair

Sandi Bammer, Vice-Chair

Nancy Miller, SCW

Eric Torres, SCM

Tona Chacón, Secretary

Frances Titus, Treasurer

Dan Maher, Chair

Keely Murdoch, Vice-chair

Alma Chacón, SCW

Patrick Bodell, SCM

Suellen Harris, Secretary

Gary Provo, Treasurer