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9/14/2017 LOCAL TRAINING--THIS SUNDAY, if you can attend!

posted Mar 28, 2018, 10:45 PM by Douglas County Democrats

Dear Friends (more than 100 of you receiving this bcc email), 

The Washington State Democrats are launching a brand new project and we will be the very first area to participate!  The "Organizing Academy" will take place this Sunday from 10a--2p, at the Wenatchee Community Center (504 S Chelan St, Wenatchee).  It has been created, and will be lead, by folks from the State Party.  The purpose of the academy is to provide hands-on training and support for people who are either interested in running for office and/or those who want to know how to support candidates in that effort.  In other words, the purpose is to begin to turn our very Red area Blue, one race (or 2) at a time.   

Although the invitation and training are open to everyone and you may have received several notices about it--maybe a phone call, too--, we're sending you this special note to emphasize that we'd like to see you take advantage of this workshop.  If you can't attend this weekend, but are interested for a future date, give us a jingle or email.  You're being asked because:

  • One or more of us has had conversations with you about running for office OR we just believe that you should consider it!  
  • Some of you have already signed up to attend.  Thank you, can't wait to see you Sunday!
  • Some of you are already in an elected position, either partisan or non-partisan--congratulations!  This academy might help you in your next election.
  • Some are running in 2017 for the first time -- again, congratulations!  
  • Some of you have already told us you plan to run in 2018--way, way, congrats!
  • Some of you have yet to jump into the frey, but we know you'd be a great community advocate and represent all of us well.

The event is just a few days away, yet we hope you'll consider this offer.  What do you have to lose?  Four hours spent with progressive friends, exploring the guts and bolts of what it takes to run for office -- next year or sometime in the future.  Think about it for a bit.  Wallow it around for awhile.  Crack the door open 


Follow the link below and say you'll come check it out.  Lunch is on the Party.


Bill, Karen, and Dan


(copied/pasted from 9/9 WA-Dem "Week In Review" email--the links should work if you hold down the cntl key and click on the link)


Dave Reichert Announces Retirement

On Wednesday, Congressman Dave Reichert announced that he will not seek reelection to represent the 8th Congressional District. That’s right. Dave Reichert is stepping down after the end of his current term.


This is incredible news for Democrats. We now have our best shot in decades at winning in the 8th District. And we didn’t waste a minute in planning a full-scale ramp-up in the 8th as part of our plan to elect Democrats in every race, in every place.


With our Summer of Canvass program, we’ve been building up our grassroots organizing infrastructure all across the state, and we’ve had many successful canvasses throughout the 8th District. We’ve also been training canvass leaders and volunteers from Auburn to Wenatchee, as well as in other districts. To continue to build up our capacity, we’re announcing a brand new project: our Flip the 8th Organizing Academy.



The Organizing Academy is an interactive training program led by our expert organizers that focuses on core organizing skills that will help participants lead the fight in the 8th and beyond. We already have three upcoming sessions scheduled. Click the links to sign up for one near you:


Wenatchee September 17 (we'll actually meet in the Social Hall--look for signs)

Auburn September 23

Snoqualmie October 7


While Washington State Republican Chair Susan Hutchison tried to tell reporters on Thursday that there was no way a Democrat could ever win the 8th District, she has been sending emails to Republicans expressing a great deal of concern, even stating that our Organizing Academy could give us the edge we need to put a Democrat into Dave Reichert’s seat.


Republicans are scared. And we’re not going to let up, in the 8th or in any other district. But we need all the help we can get. If you want to be a part of one of the most-watched Congressional races in the country, or if you just want the sweet satisfaction of painting a red district blue, sign up to attend a Flip the 8th Organizing Academy.