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7/25/2017 LOCAL DEMOCRATS—Quick updates/local events

posted Mar 28, 2018, 10:26 PM by Douglas County Democrats


There are many opportunities coming up to help move the Democratic needle in the right direction.  

See below for upcoming events AND for phone numbers to call to influence the Senate healthcare vote that will be scheduled for Th/Fr this week. 

TONIGHT, JULY 25, VOTER REGISTRAINING TRAINING7:30—8:30p, E Wenatchee: learn the nitty-gritty about registering new voters  RSVP at ( or just show up.  There’ll be plenty of room. 

THURSDAY, JULY 27, NCW DEMOCRATS “TASTE ‘O POLITICS”, 5—7p, on the deck at Fire Restaurant (change of venue), Pybus Mkt, Wenatchee.  No-host happy hour gathering of Dems—All are welcome! 

SUNDAY, JULY 30, MEET WA-DEM STATE PARTY CHAIR, TINA PODLODOWSKI!  3-4:30p, Wenatchee Veteran’s Hall, 504 S Chelan St, Wenatchee

 SUNDAY, JULY 30, SUMMER OF CANVASS Workshop/Training/ACTION, right after WA-Dem Chair Tina Podlodowski’s 3:00p Rally, Wenatchee Veteran’s Hall 

TUESDAY, AUGUST 1—PRIMARY ELECTION DAYRemember to mail (must be postmarked on or before 8/1) or return your ballot to a dropbox before the 8p deadline on 8/1. 

TUESDAY, AUGUST 1, NCW DEMOCRATS “COFFEE BREAK” 10a—noon, Pybus Market, Wenatchee, No-host gathering of Dems, social and planning events. 

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 2, NCW DEMOCRATS MONTHLY GENERAL MEETING, 6:30 Social/7:00p meeting, Douglas County Fire District #2 Meeting Rm, 377 Eastmont Ave, E Wenatchee 

Additional details about the above events: 

SUNDAY, JULY 30, MEET WA-DEM STATE PARTY CHAIR, TINA PODLODOWSKI!  Come meet Tina and hear about the statewide Summer of Canvass, why we need it, and how it will help us change the political landscape for the better.  Help greet Tina on her first visit to NCW since her election in January as chair of the WA State Democratic Party.  3-4:30p, refreshments served.  For those who can, stay to help canvass a nearby precinct! 

SUNDAY, JULY 30, SUMMER OF CANVASS Workshop/Training/ACTION, approx. 4:30p, (right after WA-Dem Chair Tina Podlodowski’s Rally), Wenatchee Veteran’s Hall: Come learn about Summer of Canvass, a statewide effort to meet our neighbors at their doors (or by phone or mail), to ask what’s important to them, to connect in ways we haven’t before accomplished.  This isn’t a job for one person per county or one person per precinct.  It will take a village, working in teams, over the long-haul.  

o   Democratic voter turnout was critically low in Nov 2016. 

o   Voters across the country said that the Democratic Party didn’t fully represent them and didn’t understand how they felt -- that we weren’t listening. 

o   We now have a seriously unqualified person in the White House, who seems to be doing his level best to unleash havoc across the US and the World.

o   We have many elected officials at all levels of government who did not, have not, and will not work for us.  They need to be replaced by people who will.

o   Our Democratic database, which needs to be in tip-top shape in order to reach out to all Democratic voters, is not up-to-date.  We know nothing about half of the registered voters.  Help us reach out to them to learn what they care about and to let them know that their vote matters—to all of us.  And let them know they are not alone.

o   The Summer of Canvass offers you a chance to help right this ship.  It will be the first of many opportunities we’ll support over the months and years ahead.  We need your help!  

Phone numbers to call to influence Healthcare vote (per Indivisible Guide recommendations): please see the attached Word document. 

Very brief update on recent local activities:

·         7/16 NCW Democratic Picnic:  biggest turnout EVER (not to be mistaken for a Sean Spicer proclamation).  Thank you to the 140+ Democrats who attended, mingled with other friendly folks and brought wonderful potluck dishes.  We also want to especially thank

o   The Saddle Rockers who provided great bluegrass music: Chris Rader, Dave Notter, Jac Tiechner, Steve Clem, and Bruce McWhirter—Please come back often!

o   Our grill-master Norval Fliegel and crew, who set up the charcoal and turned out the burgers and hotdogs for hours!

o   And to the candidates who answered our invitation to come meet Democrats: Don Shennum/E’mont School Board candidate; Michelle Sandberg, Sunny Hemphill, and Sarah Knox/all running for positions on the Wenatchee School Board; Matthew Hepner/E Wenatchee City Council; Adam MacDonald and Adriana Farnsworth/Wenatchee City Council (Adam’s statement is attached here); and running in 2018, we heard from—4th CD candidate, Christine Brown; 8th CD candidate, Mona Das.  Also in the group were potential candidates for the 2018 12th LD, 8th CD and other races.  We appreciate the willingness of all candidates to step up to represent all of us!

·         7/18 NCW DEMOCRATS “COFFEE BREAK”  Thanks to Sarah C who brought all of us a complimentary coffee—she’s observed our gatherings, but couldn’t attend because she’s at work in a store at Pybus when we meet.  Oh, some of you didn’t attend?  You missed a great event—sorry.

·         7/23 SUMMER OF CANVASS WKSHP AND CANVASS:  excellent turnout of PCOs and other volunteers who learned about and canvassed local neighborhoods!  Lots more still to do.  Join us! 

Watch for upcoming events with Senator Maria Cantwell, AG Bob Ferguson, county fairs, and other important dates.  Mark your calendar for the Aug 13 Ice Cream Social at Walla Walla Pt Pk.  We hope to see you again soon.  Thank you for continuing to make calls, to keep a watchful eye, and please keep showing up. 

Karen Keleman, Chair, Douglas County Democrats (509-630-3055)

Bill Miller, Chair, Democrats of Chelan County (425-444-9598)

Dan Maher, Chair, 12th LD Democrats (509-433-7336)