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7/22/2017 LOCAL DEMS eNewsletter

posted Mar 28, 2018, 10:22 PM by Douglas County Democrats
Dear Democratic PCOs, precinct helpers, and friends, 

We’re sure in uncharted waters, with new shockers coming out every day. Turning our concerns into effective action is our goal. 

Your persistent calls to our legislators and agency officials are certainly having a positive impact.  We have to keep calling, showing up, and keep the faith!  We’ve had great turnout at events, many more people are connecting with us and want to help, and we have new candidates running for offices who -- WHEN ELECTED -- will bring their democratic voices and values to the table. 

As executive board members, we look for actions that will make a difference down the road—identifying the things we HAVE to do now, as well as where we should focus for future impact.  We also look to you for ideas and direction and will appreciate making plans together in the months ahead.  This is an important part of each month’s general meeting agenda.  Your suggestions are helping us shape who we are as a local Democratic Party. 

We’re writing to you today to invite you to become as involved as you are able.  We have new Democrats running this year for non-partisan offices throughout NCW!  2018 will be here before we know it and we'll have Democrats to support for all of the key races.  Let’s build a better grassroots organization, take responsibility for our precincts, get to know our neighbors.  We’ve counted on you as great volunteers and precinct committee officers, but we (chairs) haven’t fulfilled our responsibility to provide you with all of the tools you need to do your jobs.  We have many of those tools now and we’re ready to GET GOING. 

·         Please attend the “Summer of Canvass” training this Sunday, 7/23, from 5—7:30p at the Rhubarb Market (1202 N Wenatchee Ave, Wenatchee).  We're holding this training specifically for YOU.  Your attendance and participation is critical to our success in North Central Washington.  

You’ve probably seen the Summer of Canvass logo--
and emails from the WA-Democrats.  A handful of you have attended the webinars to become a host or canvasser.  If you haven't done this yet, don't worry.  We'll go through the basics Sunday--just show up! 

The Summer of Canvass plan is one of the best tools we’ve EVER been provided. It's unique because it puts the power to organize in our hands, at the precinct level, everywhere in WA state. The prospect of using this tool to help all of us become more familiar with using Votebuilder and for engagement at the neighborhood level will give us the opportunity to truly get to know our precincts.  No, you don’t have to knock on every door or call every person in your precinct.  We'll talk with Democrats and we'll talk with some voters that we've never met before.   

If you cannot walk your neighborhood, that’s ok.  We’ll use Summer of Canvass (SoC) to help us build teams in each precinct and throughout NCW.  Some folks in your precinct can walk and knock, some volunteers will be bilingual, some can make phone calls, some can keep records.  There is no deadline—we can keep using this tool to help us become better organized, month after month, year after year.   

You and your team will get to know your neighborhood better than anyone else does.  You will bring our database up-to-date (we currently know only a little bit about 50% of the voters in each precinct).  You will become the friendly and knowledgeable neighbor who others will ask for help.  (We can guarantee you that your Republican PCO will not be doing this.)  We Democrats will become connected in ways that will help improve voter turnout and candidate recruitment for decades to come.  It will make you feel good to do this work.  You’ll be building a bench, so when you’re ready to pass the baton, there will be a team right there beside you to carry on!  We are SO excited to help us get this going! 

Please come to see what this is all about.  We’ll show everyone how Summer of Canvass works, help each person load the smart-phone app to use when walking or calling (or you can work from a paper list), do a little role-play, go knock a couple of doors to use the SoC scripts.  Then we’ll return to the Rhubarb Market for refreshments and debrief, and calendar a couple future dates and locations.  Simple.  We’ll do it with friends, all learning together. 

Wear comfortable shoes.  Bring your smart phone (if you have one) or we’ll provide a walking list and map.  We’ll walk and knock just a few houses in 3 precincts nearest Rhubarb Market.  We’ll go out in teams and take it easy.  This is like a beta-test for us.  If you absolutely CANNOT come this Sunday, we understand.  There will be lots of future opportunities, but this promises to be a great evening.  

Please RSVP by email -- let us know if you will attend OR sign up here 

·         TUESDAY JULY 25:  Please mark your calendar to attend an important one hour training next weekTHE LIFE OF A BALLOT: Everything you want/need to know about voter registration.  The training has been created by Thad Duvall, Douglas Co Auditor, and his very helpful election staff.  It will take place on Tuesday, July 25, from 7:30-8:30p at the Douglas Co Land Transportation Services Office, E Wenatchee.  All PCOs should attend.  All who are interested in making sure every voter has a chance to participate should attend this once-a-year training.  Please sign up: 

·         Please watch for details about meeting WA-Dem Party Chair, Tina Podlodowski when she comes to town on Sunday, July 30.  Let’s give her a NCW Welcome and hear her message.  Most probably a mid-afternoon visit, followed by another opportunity to learn about Summer of Canvass. 

Candidates and elected officials are coming to town and they want to meet us.  We’ll let you know where to meet them with as much lead-time as possible.  They want to hear from us.  Maria Cantwell will be here sometime during the last two weeks of August, date/location tbd.  Fairs are coming (volunteers needed).  Lots going on.  So much to do.  A place for you! 

Karen Keleman, Chair, Douglas County Democrats (509-630-3055)

Bill Miller, Chair, Democrats of Chelan County (425-444-9598) [Bill will be out of town for this event]

Dan Maher, Chair, 12th LD Democrats (509-433-7336)