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3/22/18 LOCAL DEMOCRATS -- 2018 Late-March/Early-April e-news

posted Mar 28, 2018, 11:34 PM by Douglas County Democrats   [ updated Mar 29, 2018, 10:12 AM ]

Dear NCW Democrats and friends, 

With so much going on in the world and in our nation, we know it’s exhausting, but please continue to keep your

health and stay involved, as best you can.  There is something that each of us can do, from doing meaningful work, being an honorable community member, to digging deeper to help find solutions.  We think of the old African proverb, 

Out of the WA legislature this year, there is good news.  Stronger voting rights, greater protections for women and minorities, more secure funding for public education, improved opportunities for jobs and pay, safer communities, environmental supports, much more.  Democratic majorities provided the leadership to accomplish much of this, and there is more to do. 


Democratic County Convention and Caucuses will be held this Saturday, March 24, beginning at 10am. 

This is a statewide event that will take place in all counties and legislative districts this Saturday (except 6 counties that will hold conventions in April).  All Democrats are invited and encouraged to attend and participate in your jurisdiction.  

Here are the basics for Democrats of Chelan County and Douglas County:

·         WHAT:  Our two county organizations will hold a joint convention, intended to streamline the activities and build community.

·         WHERE:  Clovis Point Intermediate School, E Wenatchee (Map: 1855 4th St SE, East Wenatchee, WA 98802 )

·         WHEN:  Saturday, March 24, 2018, beginning at 10am. 

·         IS THERE A FEENO cost to participate in the county convention.  If elected as a delegate, there will be a $50 registration feerequested by WA State Dems to attend the State Convention.

·         HOW DO I GET INVOLVED:  If you haven’t yet registered online, you may register in person on Saturday.  Anyone can attend.  Only registered voters who are willing to declare themselves to be a Democrat and who agree that their

participation becomes a matter of public record are eligible to run for delegate, vote to elect delegates, and vote to adopt the county party platforms.  Eligible individuals may register to vote at the event and participate fully.


o   Platform: a general statement of beliefs, intentions, and values.  We stand on our platform.

o   Plank:  a position on a particular topic or issue.  All our planks, put together, make the platform that we stand on.

o   Resolution: a statement about an individual issue or particular situation that is an “action item”, setting parameters or stating a directive for party action.


o   Elect delegates and alternate(s) to the June WA State Democratic Convention – the State Party Platform

and Resolutions will be the main work of that meeting

§  2 delegates and 2 alternates from Chelan County to represent their portion of the 12th LD at the State Convention

§  1 delegate and 1 alternate from Douglas County to represent their portion of the 12th LD at the State Convention

§  FYI:  Remainder of the 12th LD delegates will be elected at the Okanogan and Grant County Conventions

o   Review draft platform, amend, and then adopt our Democratic Party Platform for each county – the Platform Committee has created the attached draft platform for your advance review.  The adopted platform will stand as our statement of values for the upcoming biennium.

·         WHAT TO EXPECT:  We will open the doors at 10am for registration and allow for sign-ins until 10:45.  (Refreshments provided, materials to review and a few announcements, etc during this time)  Actual delegate selection will begin about 11:00, after the report of the Credentials Committee is received.  Nominations and delegate elections will follow and may take about 30-45 minutes.  After that, we’ll take a brief lunch break (pizza, beverages provided.  Feel free to bring something to share.)  Shortly after noon, we’ll reconvene to begin working on our county platforms, then consideration of any resolutions brought before the body.  We expect to complete this work by 2:15pm.  Times are approximate.


 That is up to you. 

o   If you wish to run to be a delegate or alternate to the WA-Dem 

State Convention, June 15-16 (in Wenatchee), you should plan to 

stay until at least noon.  Delegates and alternates must be able 

to attend the State Convention to represent their county/LD. 

NOTE: Delegates will be asked to pay a $50 registration fee to 

help defray expenses prior to attending the State Convention. 

o   Those wishing to participate in the adoption of their county 

platform are encouraged to stay through the afternoon session. 

o   Resolutions (template attached) may be submitted for 

consideration anytime, but will be reviewed near the end of the event.

 March For Our Lives—WENATCHEE AREA (click to follow 

link to event):

·         Where:  Corner of 9th & Chelan, Wenatchee

·         When:  Saturday, March 24, 3:00 PM


This march will begin at 3 PM at the old Hasting’s parking lot in Wenatchee. Please share this event with as many students, teachers,

and friends as you can. All are welcome. On March 24th we will take to the streets of Wenatchee, joining the students of Stoneman

Douglas High School and communities across the country and world. March For Our Lives vows to be the last group of students

who have to stand up for fallen children due to senseless gun violence. They vow to demand that their lives and safety become

a priority and that we end gun violence and mass shootings in our schools today. Please bring signs in support of ALL children and focus on

eliminating gun violence.  For more information, click on the link below.

“DEMOCRATIC COFFEE BREAK” twice-monthly no-host daytime gathering of Democrats to share and organize—

1st & 3rd Tues ea month. 

·         WHEN:  Tues, April 3 and 17, 10a-noon,

·         WHERE:  Pybus Mkt concourse (near Ice Restaurant) 

 NCW DEMOCRATS’ GENERAL MEETING: monthly program and business meeting—first Wednesday ea month,

Douglas Co Fire District #2, East Wenatchee.

·         WHEN: Wednesday, April 4, 6:30p social/7:00p meeting

·         WHERE:  Douglas County Fire District #2 Meeting Room, 377 Eastmont Ave, E Wenatchee

·         PROGRAMMeet-n-Greet and Q&A with CD8 candidate, Jason Rittereiser

Come meet Jason, learn about his life and plans to represent us. 


(CD8 Candidate Kim Schrier has a conflict for this date and will be rescheduled for a date later in April). 

“TASTE ‘O POLITICS” monthly no-host “happy hour” gathering of Democrats to share and organize—last Thurs ea month.  

We’ve made an executive decision to cancel the 3/29 event, due to the many other activities this month.  Please mark your calendar to attend the next “TO’P” on Thursday, April 26, 5—7p, location tbd. 

Please mark your calendar for these important dates:

April 27-29, Nason Creek Rest Area fundraiser; cookies and volunteers needed!  Sign-up coming soon.

May 14-18, Statewide Candidate Filing Week; file to run for PCO or other elected office!

June 16-17, WA-Democratic State Convention, Wenatchee Convention Center; volunteers and observers needed.

July 15 (Sun), 5-8p, NCWDem Summer Picnic, HydroPark, E Wenatchee; music, food, music, candidates, kids activities.  All welcome!


August 11, NCWDem Summer Ice Cream Social, Walla Walla Pt Park;

August 22-26, NCW District Fair, Waterville; volunteers needed for Democratic Booth

Sept 5-9, Chelan County Fair, Cashmere; volunteers needed for Democratic Booth

Sept 28-30, Nason Creek Rest Area fundraiser; cookies and volunteers needed!  Sign-up coming soon

November 6, GENERAL ELECTION and election night watch party, location tbd

December Winter In-Gathering, date/location tbd


Watch for an email with additional info, dates/events to consider.


Karen Keleman, Chair, Douglas County Democrats

Bill Miller, Chair, Democrats of Chelan County

Dan Maher, Chair, 12th LD Democrats