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2021 0114 NCW Community Food Drive

posted Aug 5, 2021, 8:30 PM by Douglas County Democrats
Thank you for being willing to list your organization(s) as co-hosts for the food drive event which is now in progress.  I think we've been published online now for about 48 hours and have had 77 people register and/or donate to our local food distribution organizations.  After the Presidential Inauguration on 1/20, I'll check with each county food organization to see what the impact has been (number of people donating food or money, as well as totals) I think if we all do a little promo on our organizational social media pages (just share the link below and say something about why you support the effort) and to your member or personal lists of contacts, we could have a significant impact on not only donations, but increasing awareness of the need in the community.

NOTE: Although I set this event up as an all-online or mail-in donor event, should people as if they can donate shelf-stable food products, the answer is, of course, yes.  But they will need to arrange to deliver those food-stuffs.  What I wanted to limit was the impact on our organizations, risk of covid exposure, etc.  The contact info for each county food bank is offered in the details, so a donor could check a website, call, or email for more info.  All food banks take online payment by debit, credit card, or by PayPal, and would happily receive cash, check, or gift cards.

You can share that no co-host is receiving any contribution, but that we're doing this in the spirit of community.  That's what the Biden/Harris administration hopes to encourage and achieve in the months ahead. 

Feeling so fortunate to have food and shelter,


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