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2020 Nov 4 eNews

posted Dec 8, 2020, 6:12 PM by Douglas County Democrats   [ updated Dec 8, 2020, 6:13 PM ]

Gen Meeting Update

SIGNS: retrieval, stolen signs/form (info and link)

Election security (ballot curing, election certification)

Next Steps (local party reorg, HQ, work ahead, funding)  


Dear NCW Democrats and Friends,


We remain extremely optimistic on the cusp of this new month and a new era.  We encourage you to be, too.  It's been such a challenging four years.  We've worked so hard for this moment, and we'll press on for a better future for all.  You've done your part: you've rallied, made calls, knocked on doors, spoke up, and you voted!  THE BEST congresswoman, Dr Kim Schrier, has been re-elected.  We admire and embrace Adrianne Moore and the promise she holds for the future of NCW.  From both a local and national perspective, the pain of the moral loss is palpable, but we are ONE today in our conviction that democracy will win.  Let's be patient and persistent as we move forward.


Here are some very quick updates:


NCW Dem General Meeting (usually first Wed): RESCHEDULED for next Wednesday, Nov 11, 7-8:30p on Zoom, RSVP for a meeting link HERE (


SIGNS:  In most local jurisdictions, political signs are supposed to be removed within a week after an election is past.  Seems reasonable.  So, here’s a plan!  Sign material is not recyclable.  Please consider storing sign/wire(s) if the candidate will likely run again OR return the sign/wire to our office for storage or repurposing.

·         Yard Signs: Return to the HQ Office on MWF from 12-4.  Or call us for pickup (509-436-8899).  If you live in an outlying area, we'll work with your local “Sign Depot” host to coordinate return of signs to us.

·         Large Signs:  We will be in touch soon for retrieval.  If you want to keep them up for awhile - until the election is settled- that's OK.  Call us if you need help taking down the large sign(s).  We will make arrangements to pick them up.

·         Stolen or damaged signs:  We're curious and would like to have a way to quantify the extent of loss of signs.  We purchased and distributed over 2700 yard signs to Democrats in NCW.  If you haven't already filled out this form, please let us know if you had a sign(s) stolen or damaged.



Election Security: The WA State Democratic Party has developed a new and comprehensive Voter Protection Plan that is reaching every corner of the state.  Voters whose ballots have been challenged are being contacted by trained volunteers who are providing support to "cure" the ballot issue, which is most often a missing or mis-matched signature.  Local Dem "observers" were positioned at each ballot dropbox last night.  They recorded the safe and secure procedures, and reported any concerns.  Ballot curing support to voters will continue until 11/23.  Local attorneys have volunteered to work in concert with the Party as "eyes and ears on the ground" to observe the validation and certification of ballots by our county election canvassing boards.  They will assure that every valid vote is counted.  So, we take a deep breath and wait.


NEXT STEPS:  The road ahead for our local party organizations, the NCW Democratic Headquarters Office, and the HQ Team is solid.  In the past 6 mos, we have met and worked with hundreds of new-to-us Democrats.  From age 14 to 80+, their enthusiasm and dedication to making our world a better place is a common and encouraging thread.  We’ve also visited with thousands of “old friends.”  We've gently organized and directed.  You've done the important work.  We are a stronger team.  But we know we need to do more than before to help "Build Back Better."  Please take a little time now to breathe, to reflect, to imagine.  Then, we'll roll up our sleeves together and go at it again.


We plan to staff the headquarters office on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, from 12-4.  We have a lot of work to do.  Stop by when you’re healthy and able.  We’ll take your temp and O2 level, ask you to sign in, and enjoy seeing you. We may even have a project for you to help with!


During the next two months, we’ll hold semi-annual reorganization meetings where individuals will run for local party offices.  Elected PCOs will vote for chair, vice chair, state committee members, secretary, and treasurer for each organization.  Dates for these elections will be announced soon.  The process needs to take place before Jan 17 2021.  Let us know if you’re interested in becoming more involved!


On behalf of the Democratic Central Committees of Chelan and Douglas counties and our HQ Team, we look forward to seeing or talking with you soon.


Bill Miller, Chair, Democrats of Chelan County (425-444-9598)

Karen Keleman, Chair, Douglas County Democrats (509-630-3055) – HQ Office, 768 S Mission, Wen (509-436-8899) HQ Office Hrs: M-W-F, 12-4p.  MASKS REQUIRED.


Please find us on the web, by email, on Facebook, and on Twitter.  Let’s stay in touch! 


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Democrats of Chelan County (ChelanDems):

NCW Democrats (Democrats of Chelan and Douglas Counties): ncwdems@gmail.com