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2019 Early June eNews

posted Jun 3, 2019, 11:38 PM by Douglas County Democrats

Dear NCW Democrats and Friends,

It’s been a wild couple of months, breath-taking in scope.  From the highs of Mueller’s reports to the continued abuse of asylum-seekers and erosion of women’s rights, the news leaves us reeling each day.  At home, we’re on the cusp of the 2019 election cycle.  Lots of new local candidates have thrown their hats in the ring.  Our mission and goals, however, remain clear: continue to organize and train, recruit and elect Democrats up and down the ticket, do everything we can to save our Democracy.  This is not a drill.

Before we get into details about upcoming events, we want to ask for your help.  Most of you have received these emails for more than a decade.  You know that we’ve rarely asked for anything but your attendance, an occasional batch of cookies, and your vote.  These are different times.  We need your help in the weeks and months ahead.  Our organizations have made a commitment to lead the local effort, to do the work, to make a visible change in North Central Washington.  Grassroots Democrats are doing the same in every county and district in our country.  The combined work of Democrats, labor groups, MoveOn, Indivisibles, Swing Left, Planned Parenthood, Emily’s List, and so many others will take this country back and lead us to our better future.  We truly believe that!

What we need now is a commitment from you. 

·         Sign up to help build our team!  Whether you help in the office, at events, or in your neighborhood, we need you!

·         We need money, too – to help pay rent for our office, train volunteers, buy materials to support volunteers, and host events to bring Democrats together. 

Together, we’ll register and educate voters in every nook and cranny, knock on doors to learn what voters want and who they support, hold candidate meet-n-greets and forums, picnics, BIG dinners, improve our database, and so much other important work.  This takes a little money, lots of time, and huge dedication by many hands.  Please help—there has never been a time so critical as NOW.  Our joint budget for the office is about $1500 per month (each county is responsible for one half).  You’ve counted on us.  Now, can we count on you?

·         Donate

o   by cash (at the Dem HQ Office, 768 S Mission, Wenatchee – or when we see each other at events),

o   by check (Chelan Democrats, POBox 1061, Wenatchee; Douglas Co Democrats, 630 Valley Mall Pkwy #175, E Wenatchee),

o   online (via our convenient ActBlue accounts): Democrats of Chelan County  OR  Douglas County Democrats

·         SignUP to help do work at the office, to register voters, to help your neighborhood team: NCW Democrats Events & Support SignUPs.  The website for each county organization also has a volunteer form to complete and submit (use the county org links above).

We’re asking you to “put a little skin in the game!”  Please make a donation, big or small.  Consider making it monthly.  And stop by the office for coffee or to help with ongoing work.  We’re staying in touch with voters, planning events, and have tons of data entry to accomplish this summer.  Current hours posted below!

Next things:

Tuesday, 6/4 Take a Democratic “Coffee Break” and join friends from 10a-noon at Pybus Mkt for conversation and sharing.

Wednesday, 6/5 General Meeting of the NCW Democrats, 6:30 social/7:00 meeting, Douglas County Fire District #2 meeting room, 377 Eastmont, E Wenatchee.  Dr. Kim Schrier’s WA political director, Maria Leininger, will be on hand to share an update.  Discussion about the recent candidate filings throughout our district.  Planning for upcoming events.

Saturday, 6/15 12th LD Democrats and Democrats of Chelan and Douglas counties will host a table/booth at the Wenatchee Pride Celebration, 11-4 at Lincoln Park.  Consider volunteering in the Dem booth for an hour or two and enjoy the celebration of diversity in our communities.

NCWDem Headquarters Office Days/Hours: Mon 10-2 (starting on 6/10), Tue 12-4, Wed 10-2, Thur 3-7, Fri 10-2!  768 S Mission St, Wenatchee!

Local elections, candidates, Dem support links:

·         “We Want You!”—now, more than ever before.  All across WA State, Democrats have filed for election for local nonpartisan races.  It’s more important than ever that Democratic voices be heard and counted at every board and commission table.  From cemetery board to city mayor, this is truly where the rubber meets the road.  Candidates will want your help!

·         As of today, there are four races in Chelan County and four in Douglas County where more than two people are vying for the same position.  We’ll make a special effort to invite them to meet you before the August 6 Primary Election.  Although they will all appear on the ballot, only the top-two vote-getters will advance to the Nov 5 General Election.

·         The WA Secretary of State elections website provides great info: find all offices on the 2019 ballot for each county, learn who is currently in office, and who has filed to run.

·         If you – or someone you know – have filed to run for office and you consider yourself to be a Democrat, the WA State Democratic Party has great resources to share with you!  We can’t run your campaign, but will lend as much support as possible.  Sign up to RISE&RUN ( and we’ll be in touch soon.

·         If you’re running for a municipal office, consider connecting with Washington Democratic Municipal Officials for endorsements and possible support.

·         Written by Democrats, for Democrats and friends, learn to run the most tech-savvy and effective campaign by signing up for this BRAND NEW training: #TECHYOURSELF

PCO/Precinct helper Kickstart Campaign and orientations:  Be prepared to receive invitations to join our “Kickstart Campaign” to begin team-building work for 2020. 

Mueller Report: Wow! What’s next?  Here’s a version of the complete report that is searchable:  Robert Mueller said in his remarks this week that we should all read the full report and that it says everything he intends to say about the investigation  Here is a link to his press conference:  Next stop, Congress.  If you haven’t downloaded the pdf or audio, consider joining the Mueller Book Club  Read by yourself or gather a group of friends.  It’s never too late to start! 

Immigration, Immigrants, and the 2020 Census:  We’re working with numerous local and statewide organizations who are collaborating to educate the public about immigration issues, prepare for upcoming elections and beyond, support new citizens—and old. 


Thank you’s!

April Nason Creek Fundraiser report:  35 volunteers donated cookies and other needed items, and spent approx. 87 hours greeting travelers from all over the world (incl travel).  They raised more than $400 in contributions for their efforts over the April 12-14 weekend.  Thank you, to all who contributed.  And if you missed this opportunity to help, you can SignUP to help in August!

May Dem Training A-Z: Life of a Ballot report: Thank you to Douglas Co Auditor Thad Duvall, and to his elections staff for providing an informative workshop on May 21.  The room was filled with folks who learned about the new voter laws, when and how they’ll be implemented, and what they will mean to voters throughout our state.

Elected official visits:  Have you noticed that Congresswoman Kim Schrier has already come to our area more frequently in six months than Dave Reichert did in six years?  She comes to meet with small and large groups, for open coffee hours, to meet with industry and social activists, elected officials, and more.  She is PRESENT!  Her staff welcomes constituents at all of her offices.  In fact, she reached out to the Wenatchee Pride organizers and plans to attend their event on 6/15 (11-4).  Welcome and thank her, keep donating to her, and come work with us to help prepare for her 2020 re-election!

Ongoing HQ Support:  Special thank you’s to Suzi Lane, Pam Morris, Frances Titus, and Diane Young (beginning next week) for daily coverage to do work and keep the office open!

Other calendar events: Here are some upcoming events that may be of interest.  You are welcome to join us at any or all of them!  “*“ indicates events sponsored by other organizations.

·         Mult dates“Coffee Break” at DemHQ or Pybus, Wen! 1st/3rd Tue ea mo.

·         Multi datesNCWDem Gen Mtg, DCFD#2 377 Eastmont, E Wen, 1st Wed ea mo. (except July) All are welcome. (6/5, etc)

·         Last Thurs ea month:  watch for new/returning evening events

·         6/4, 6/18 Democratic “Coffee Break” 10a-noon, Pybus Mkt

·         6/5 NCWDem General Mtg, Candidate Intros, Kim Schrier’s State Political Director – Maria Leininger, 6:30 social/7:00, DCFD#2 Mtg Rm, 377 Eastmont, E Wen

·         6/10 *CCNCW Meeting - SOMETHING NEW!!! - meeting at the Wenatchee River Institute in Leavenworth 5:00-6:30 pm (Bring snacks) THEN attend the "Zero Waste" Program with speaker Jana Fischback @ the Barn Beach Reserve.

·         6/13 *Wenatchee PRIDE Planning Mtg, 6:45p, Lincoln Park, Wen.

·         6/15 *Wenatchee PRIDE event, Lincoln Park, Wen.  SignUP to help staff NCWDem Booth/Table to help register voters and greet guests.

·         6/15 DCDem Regional Team Mtg, 10a BRIDGEPORT

·         6/18 Dem Trng A-Z: (program tbd)

·         6/22 DCDem Regional Team Mtg, COULEE DAM

·         6/26 *CAFÉ mtg, 5:30p, 766 S Mission

·         6/26&27 FIRST Presidential Debates, (watch parties! Bob’sBurgers&Brew in E Wen and Gustav’s in Leavenworth)

·         7/multi  VoterReg events, (Pybus, var markets, gatherings, etc)

·         7/2, 7/16 Democratic “Coffee Break” 10a-noon, Pybus Mkt

·         7/3 No NCWDem General Mtg (attend 7/14 picnic instead!)


·         7/14  NCWDem Summer Picnic (all welcome/candidate intros)

·         7/30&31 SECOND Presidential Debates, (watch parties! Locations tba)

·         8/6, 8/20 Democratic “Coffee Break” 10a-noon, Pybus Mkt

·         8/6  PRIMARY ELECTION

·         8/7 NCWDem General Mtg, 6:30social/7mtg, DCFD#2MtgRm

·         8/10  NCWDem Ice Cream Social (candidate celebration)

·         8/16-18  Nason Creek Rest Stop fundraiservolunteers needed!

·         8/21-25 NCW Fair Democrat’s Booth, Waterville

·         9/multi  VoterReg events (Pybus, var markets, gatherings, etc)

·         9/3, 9/17 Democratic “Coffee Break” 10a-noon, Pybus Mkt

·         9/4 NCWDem General Mtg, 6:30social/7mtg, DCFD#2MtgRm

·         9/4-8 Chelan Co Fair Democrat’s Booth, Cashmere

·         9/12&13 THIRD Presidential Debates, (watch parties! Locations tba)

·         9/13-14 *Wenatchee Fiestas Mexicanas, Lincoln Park

·         9/14 Annual Chelan-Douglas Democratic Dinner, Wenatchee Convention Ctr SAVE THE DATE!

·         9/27-29 WSDCC Mtg, Yakima

·         Oct/Nov/Dec 4th/5th/6th Presidential Debates (dates tba)

·         10/multi  VoterReg events, (Pybus, var markets, gatherings, etc)

·         10/1, 10/15 Democratic “Coffee Break” 10a-noon, Pybus Mkt

·         10/2 NCWDem General Mtg, 6:30social/7mtg, DCFD#2MtgRm

·         Oct—maximum GOTV efforts (regional precinct teams, PCOs, all volunteers)

·         11/5  GENERAL ELECTION

·         11/5, 11/19 Democratic “Coffee Break” 10a-noon, Pybus Mkt

·         11/6 NCWDem General Mtg, 6:30social/7mtg, DCFD#2MtgRm

·         12/3, 12/17 Democratic “Coffee Break” 10a-noon, Pybus Mkt

·         12/4 NCWDem General Mtg, 6:30social/7mtg, DCFD#2MtgRm

·         12/tbd End-of-year celebration!  Gear up for 2020!

·         Plus many other dates and events to be added


Bill Miller, Chair, Democrats of Chelan County

Karen Keleman, Chair, Douglas County Democrats – HQ Office, 768 S Mission, Wen (509-436-8899)

HQ Office Hrs: Mon 10-2, Tue 12-4, Wed 10-2, Thur 3-7, Fri 10-2

SignUP for upcoming NCWDem events:

Please find us on the web, by email, on Facebook, and on Twitter.  Let’s stay in touch! 

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