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2019 Early January e-News

posted Jan 8, 2019, 3:58 PM by Douglas County Democrats

Dear NCW Democrats and Friends,

Welcome to 2019 !  We hope you’ve been able to enjoy a bit of respite and relaxation since the Nov election.  We have a lot to be thankful for.  And we’re eager to get busy with the work ahead.  More on that in a minute.

First, please plan to attend our first General Meeting of the year tomorrow (Wed).  Although we usually meet the first Wednesday of the month, we scheduled the January meeting for this Wednesday, January 9 so that we could host our special guest, Raquel Crowley, who is Senator Patty Murray’s Central Washington Director.  We’ve asked her to attend so that we can become better acquainted.  We’re asking her to tell us about her work, the Senator’s legislative priorities, and how we can most effectively communicate our thoughts with Senator Murray.  Please come prepared to listen, and perhaps ask a few questions.  If you have concerns – or praise – for Senator Murray, consider providing Ms Crowley with a copy of your thoughts in written form.  A brief break will follow, after which we’ll have a short business meeting.

What:  General Meeting for Democrats of Chelan and Douglas counties

When: Wednesday, Jan 9, 2019, 6:30p/coffee social, 7:00p/ program and meeting

Where: 766 S Mission, Wenatchee (Alma and Jorge Chacon have graciously offered to open their office for us, which has more space than our Democratic HQ office)

Q’s:     Email us or call Bill (425-) or Karen (509-630-3055) 

Update on 2019 Women+s March:  Organizers are planning a rally and march for NCW on Saturday, January 19, from 11a-2p.  The entire event is nonpartisan and inclusive.  It will begin at the steps of the Chelan County Courthouse, with a kick-off by speakers who will inform and inspire us.  Then marchers may walk a mile+ route, proceeding north from Memorial Park to Second Street, heading east, then looping back to Memorial Park.  Planners have scheduled two sign-making events and invite anyone interested in getting together to make a sign.  Bring materials to 768 S Mission (Dem HQ) and join in on Tues Jan 8 at 6p OR Sat Jan 12 at 1p.  Follow updates on Facebook at  Volunteer to help.  Sign up, show up, share, bring others!  (Also plan to attend the MLK Diversity event 10-3 that day at the Wenatchee Valley Museum!)

On Sunday, December 16, all three local party organizations held their biennial reorganization meetings, electing officers who will serve as representative leadership for the 2019-2020 election cycle.  Thank you to all of the Precinct Committee Officers who were able to attend and fulfill their responsibility to nominate and elect executive committee members.  Thank you to all who ran for office and to those who were elected to serve.   

2019-2020 Reorganization Meeting - Election Results 



Karen Keleman


Luther Beaty


Pam Morris


Rebecca Cattin

SCM--Male/Non-Bi Gender

Don Spurlock

SCM-Female/Non-Bi Gender

LaVern Strawn





Bill Miller


John Haggerty


Pam Wood

2nd Vice-chair

Sandi Bammer


Frances Titus


Suzi Lane

SCM--Male/Non-Bi Gender

Ed Martinez

SCM-Female/Non-Bi Gender

Nancy Miller





Suellen Harris


Gary Provo

2nd Vice-chair

Clark Hansen


Shelley English


Cintia Murillo

SCM--Male/Non-Bi Gender

Mario Reyes

SCM-Female/Non-Bi Gender

Alma Chacón



Request from Congresswoman Schrier:  Per her Facebook post today, Dr. Schrier would like to know how the Government Shutdown is affecting you and yours.  Please consider responding to the request on FB or Twitter or by sending her an email via her **NEW** official website: (use the “Contact” tab).  While there, consider signing up for her newsletter.  For those who live in CD4, in addition to staying in touch with Congressman Newhouse, consider keeping an eye on Congresswoman Schrier’s work, as she becomes a strong voice for NCW residents.  Per her staff, she now has offices established and staff hired for Washington DC, as well as Issaquah.  She has also indicated an intention to open an office in Wenatchee later this year!  We look forward to helping her in any way that we can—feedback, donations of ideas, time, money.  Isn’t it great to have a doctor in the House? 

**NEW** 3rd Tuesday TrainingsJoin us to learn more about the Democratic Party and best practices for grassroots activism.  Beginning Tues Jan 15, two sessions (repeated at 3p and 6p) will be held at Dem HQ.  Especially designed for PCOs and party leaders, but all Dems are welcome.  The first session will cover basic Democratic Party organization.  Watch for details.

Plans for 2019-2020:  Thank you, Bill, for sketching out some basic goals for the year ahead!

·         Keep our Members of Congress informed about the issues facing our region.

·         Recruit Democrats and like-minded individuals to run for nonpartisan public offices within our county.  We want to increase the number of like-minded individuals who hold public office.

o   We will be posting a list of offices that will be on the ballot in 2019, with filing to be completed during the week of May 13-17, 2019

o   Possibility that the State Democrats will assist with various campaign activities for these races in NCW.

·         Provide our local, state and national public officials with your direct voice about needs of our area – contact lists will be provided.

o   Attend county and municipal meetings.

o   Keep in touch with our local, state, and federal representatives.

·         Get ready for the 2020 Presidential Election year when we will again be working with the Coordinated Campaign structure of the Washington State Democrats.

o   Encourage activists from the 2018 campaign to re-engage.

o   Recruit and train additional grassroots organizers, volunteers, and PCOs .

o  Reach out to Democrats who have highly visible/good sign locations who have posted signs in previous election years (we keep a database!)

o   Besides the race for President of the USA and the re-election of Dr. Schrier, the full list of state-wide executive offices will be on the ballot.  We'll have work to do.

Our individual organizations are collaborating and creating plans-of-work and drafting budgets for the year ahead.  Together, we'll build a mini-regional plan.  Working with colleagues, both local and elsewhere, our efforts will be magnified.  In collaboration with the Washington State Democratic Party and its amazing chair and staff, we are becoming a stronger voice for North Central Washington.

Although we accomplished a great deal during the 2017-2018 biennium, we realize that there is much more to do.  Working together, we knocked on tens of thousands of doors, turning votes BLUE one conversation at a time.  Your phone calls from our office or from your homes made the difference.  You baked cookies for fundraisers, played music for picnic-goers, rallied for candidates and ballot measures, and attended many events to support our common causes.  You made donations of needed supplies, time, and money—and made it all possible!   Much of this work was better coordinated and more keenly focused through the collective efforts of hundreds of volunteers and campaign staffers who worked from our local Democratic office during the past 6 months.  

Opening an office in a non-presidential election year, took strategic planning and a certain leap of faith.  It worked!  Democratic voter turnout increased significantly.  Recognizing how important this was to our success, our two county organizations have extended the lease commitment for at least the next few months, during which time we'll identify the important work that needs to be done and assess potential sources of funding to support that work. A serious proposal is being developed to keep the NCW Democratic Headquarters Office open for these critical next two years.  We believe we can be more effective by maintaining an accessible and visible local presence.  We’ll soon have the proposal available and ready for discussion.  We believe we can make this work—with your help.  What do you think?  How would you be willing to help?  

For the next few weeks, we’ll staff the Dem HQ office on Tues 12-4, Wed 10-2, and Thurs 3-7, and at other unscheduled times.  If you see the "Welcome-OPEN" light on in the front window, stop by to say “Hi!”  

On behalf of our Executive Committees,

Bill Miller, Chair, Democrats of Chelan County

Karen Keleman, Chair, Douglas County Democrats

Suellen Harris, Chair, 12th Legislative District Democrats

January Calendar Dates (* organized by affinity group/s)

1/8      Women+s March Sign making, 6p at Dem HQ

1/12    Women+s March Sign making, 1p at Dem HQ

1/15    Democratic “Coffee Break” 10a-noon, Pybus Mkt

1/15    3rd Tues Training: 3p and 6p at Dem HQ

1/19    Women+sMarch: 11a-1p, begin at Memorial Park, Wenatchee

1/19    * Martin Luther King Day Diversity Event, 10-3 at Wenatchee Valley Museum

1/22    State Of The Union Address

1/25-27  WA-Dem State Reorganization Meeting, Olympia