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2018 Mid-September eNews

posted Sep 19, 2018, 11:48 PM by Douglas County Democrats

Hello, NCW Democrats and Friends,

It’s just one month until ballots arrive in our mailboxes!  Many feel this will be the election of our lives.  And where are the activists and volunteers to help make sure every Democratic vote is cast?  Whether you feel beaten up or energized, everyone’s time and talents are needed to make sure we move the needle out of the red zone.  Here are some ways you can help.

THIS FRIDAY--CDDem Dinner -- Our annual Chelan-Douglas Democratic Dinner will take place this Friday Sept 21, 5:30 social/6:30 dinner and program, Wenatchee Convention Center.  $55 adult / $30 student.  Great dinner, speakers, and friends.  We’ll honor Maria Cantwell and hear from campaign manager, Nate Caminos, as well as from Kim Schrier, Christine Brown, Valerie Sarratt, and Thad Duvall.  Special keynotes by DNC members Sharon Mast and David McDonald!  Tickets are going fast, but there’s still a place for you and friends.  Call the Democratic Headquarters Office (509-436-8899) or email us before the end of the day on Thursday

CAMPAIGN NOTES:  Please, please, please volunteer a few hours to help us launch our own version of a blue wave.  Even though we may not turn every neighborhood blue this year, every Democratic vote we can turn out counts toward getting our great candidates elected -- moving local, state, and US leadership toward Democratic majorities.

Canvassing:  This is where the rubber truly meets the road.  It bears repeating that the most effective way to help a sporadic voter engage is by talking with them, face-to-face.  Most phone calls go unanswered.  Mailings have minimal impact.  Other media…?  We’re funneling every available volunteer hour into the effort to reach this group of voters.  All contacts with voters are strategic: the person, the message, the “ask.” If you are called by Coordinated Campaign field organizer, William Stewart-Wood, please say “YES!”  He will soon have an assistant (also working from the NCW Dem HQ) who will help him launch canvasses throughout the 12th LD.  If you receive a call from Caitlin Hutt, field organizer for Kim Schrier, please say “YES!”  She will soon be joined by a new field organizer who will be stationed here and working from our Dem HQ office!  If you are called by Amanda Villareal, Christine Brown’s field organizer, say “YES!”  If you talk with Alex Hall, Maria Cantwell’s regional field director, say “YES, YES, YES!”  We have NEVER been the focus of so much need.  It has never been so urgent.  Don’t look over your shoulder.  You are the one who will make the difference.  If you simply can’t walk and knock on doors, can you drive someone who can?  If neither is possible, can you make calls to a strategic set of neighbors?  Are you a member of a union or faith community?  Trust us, this is not the time to sit on the sidelines.  The process is simple, tools easy to use, and we can teach you.  Our futures depend upon it.  Please engage.  Here is the contact info to help you connect:

·         Coordinated Campaign helping all Dems/Cantwell-Schrier-CBrown-Sarratt: Contact William (253-363-5075,  Sign up for canvass or phonebanks:  Phonebanking Tues/Thur 5-8p at Dem HQ (or stop by anytime and we can get you started); canvassing this Sat 12-4 from Dem HQ and Leavenworth Starbucks and Sunday 11-2 from Dem HQ.  Once you’ve received basic training, you can pick up or we can send you a list and you can canvass or phonebank any time.  For all candidates, the script is specific and the target voters are strategic.  Lists available anytime in the Dem HQ (with tutorial to get you started).

·                  Maria Cantwell Campaign:  Contact Alex (  Watch for updates soon regarding joint events, GOTV bus tour.  Stop by for signs next week.  Sign up to help the Coordinated Campaign work for Cantwell and other Dems!

·         Schrier Campaign: Contact Caitlin (206-491-3024, ) Sign up for canvass or phonebanks:  Canvass this Saturday at Dem HQ.  Caitlin can create lists for us anytime—lists that can be picked up in our office (we’ll offer tutorial, if needed) or emailed to you.  Whenever you canvass with the Coordinated Campaign, you also turn out voters for Kim Schrier!

·         Christine Brown Campaign:  Contact Amanda (509-551-4277,  Attend a “Coffee with Christine” in E Wenatchee onFriday 9/21 and sign up to canvass for her!  Also, canvass for the Coordinated Campaign and turn out CD4 voters for Christine!

About Campaign SIGNS and Swag:  We have them and more will be coming in soon.  Do you live on a busy corridor or in a neighborhood dominated by Republican swag?  You can make a statement that Dems are alive and well in NCW!  Call or stop by the Dem HQ to request or pick up.  Delivery is possible. Call 509-436-8899 or email  Your small donation will help us pay the rent!

ONGOING PCO AND Grassroots Organizer TRAINING WORKSHOPS: Stop by Dem HQ any Wednesday from 6:30—8:30p for personalized and group trainings.

VOTER REGISTRATION:  Join our team of volunteers who help register voters at Pybus Market before each election.  Saturdays (help needed 9/22 and 10/6, but not 9/29) until online/paper registration deadline: SignUp HERE!

NASON CREEK REST STOP FUNDRAISER:  We’ll be hosting the rest stop during the last weekend in September.  Please sign up to work a shift and/or provide cookies or other supplies.  This opportunity gives Democrats visibility, will cover the cost for a month’s rent on Dem HQ, and is a great team-builder!  Please SignUp HERE!

HELP STAFF DEM HQ AND MANY OTHER VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES:  Join the Blue Crew.  Check out the many ways you can help SignUp HERE!  Stop by and help us write “thank you for voting” notes to new voters (they’ll be mailed after ballots drop), make a few phone calls, get a list for a few doors to knock.  Say “Hi” to all our staff and volunteers.  Enjoy a cup of fresh coffee.  Watch for debate-watch parties, election night events, and other ways to get involved.

Bill, Karen, & Dan


Please mark your calendar for these important dates, too:

  • Sept 21 (Fri)Annual Chelan-Douglas Democratic DinnerPls plan to attend!
  • Sept 22 and 23 (Sat/Sun), Canvass for the Coordinated Campaign in Wenatchee, E Wenatchee, Leavenworth.  Canvass for Team Schrier on Saturday.  See contacts above.
  • Sept 28-30 (Fri—Sun), Nason Creek Rest Area fundraiser; cookies and volunteers needed!  SignUp HERE.
  • Oct 1-31 October GOTV maximum push
  • Oct 2 (Tues) Dem “Coffee Break” 10a-noonNCWDem HQ Office
  • Oct 3 (Wed) NCWDem General Mtg6:30/Social, 7/meeting, NCWDem HQ Office (or location TBD)
  • TBD Debate watch parties
  • November 6 (Tues), GENERAL ELECTION and election night watch party, location TBA
  • Nov 7 (Wed) NCWDem General Mtg6:30/Social, 7/meeting, NCWDem HQ Office (or location TBD)
  • Nov 15 (approx) Close NCW Dem HQ
  • Dec 5 (Wed) NCWDem General Mtg6:30/Social, 7/meeting, NCWDem HQ Office (or location TBD)
  • December Winter In-Gathering, date/location tbd

We look forward to seeing and working with you really soon. 


Karen Keleman, Chair, Douglas County Democrats, 509-630-3055

Bill Miller, Chair, Democrats of Chelan County, 425-444-9598

Dan Maher, Chair, 12th LD Democrats, 509-433-7336