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2018 Mid-November eNews

posted Nov 14, 2018, 9:51 PM by Douglas County Democrats

The Changing Political Climate, especially in the WA-8th CD!


The recent victory of Dr. Kim Schrier in Washington State’s 8th Congressional District was a result of many factors.  Certainly the political mood of the country about the actions and inactions of the Republican Congress was a major reason, but Dr. Schrier’s campaign focus on health care, the one item that impacts everyone across the district at some point in their life, was key.


Our retiring member of Congress, Dave Reichert, and the Republican nominee, Dino Rossi, contributed to Kim Schrier’s win by their being unwilling to meet with constituents. Neither were willing to embrace the function of the job, to be a Representative of their district.  Dr. Kim on the other hand, spent hours traveling, learning and listening to her future constituents.  Dave Reichert’s unwillingness to listen and work with his constituents about important issues helped set the mood for the Blue Wave in the 8th CD even in the counties east of the Cascades.  In Chelan County, the shift in voter preference has been profound.  As of Thursday, two days after the election, Dr. Schrier is leading District-wide by nearly 6% (more than 12,000 voters) and, if the final results are similar, her success in the three counties of Chelan, Douglas and Kittitas was a major factor in her victory.  As an example, in Chelan County she has received 10.9% higher support than the Democrat in 2012, 15% higher than the Democrat in 2014 and 12.4% stronger than the Democrat in 2016. 


Representation was what Dr. Kim advocated and why she was successful. The 8th CD is no longer the same district it was in 2012 when the east of the Cascade counties were added to the district.  The demographics and key political issue of the voting population are also important factors.  Health Care became the driving issues and the Republicans had already demonstrated their dislike for the Affordable Care Act and their unwillingness to help improve this critical program. This issue cuts across party and ethnic lines as well as across every age group.


Let me get back to the big change in support for our Democratic candidate this year from the counties east of the Cascades. 




vote in 2012 in 8thCD


vote in 2014   in 8th CD

Democratic vote in 2016 in 8th CD


vote in 2018  in 8th CD (Nov10th*)

Average increase 

in support


























*waiting for final certified results Nov 27, 2018


This major increase in Democratic support was caused by a number of factors, some mentioned above, but a great deal to do with the energy on the ground from local volunteers, starting more than a year ago across the 8th CD. This is where the indivisible groups like NCW United, who sponsored Candidate & Issue Forums, helped with determining voter’s priorities and increased the public awareness, and where FUSE, CAFÉ, and similar groups, who sponsored Voter Registration drives, brought in those essential new voters.  Here in NCW the focal point since this summer was the NCW Democratic office that welcomed all volunteers and the organizers from the Washington State Democratic Party, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and the Elect Dr. Kim Schrier campaign.  This focus mirrored the activities going on in Pierce and King counties.  Literally thousands of volunteers across the 8th CD helped Dr. Kim across the victory line.  But note, the major increase in support from the counties east of the Cascades was a major reason we are celebrating a victory.  Take away the increased support from our counties east of the Cascades and Dr. Kim would only be leading by 1+%, and Dino would not have conceded yet. The volunteers in our area should take credit for making this happen. 


WA-State Democratic Chair, Tina Podlodowski, was the driving force who made sure we had Legislative District candidates running in every district around the state, and consequently NCW had the benefit of hosting the State Coordinated Campaign organizers working out of our office and driving up our Democratic voter base. Thanks so much, Tina ! 


A major shout-out goes to the NCW Democratic volunteers, who spent thousands of hours planning and hosting events, canvassing and making phone calls, training volunteers, entering data, and helping voters and visitors.  Without these efforts there would not have been a field game.  Because of them, the 8th CD now has a doctor in the House!


And now, it’s time to start preparing for the 2020 Presidential Election. 


Bill Miller, Chair, Democrats of Chelan County

Karen Keleman, Chair, Douglas County Democrats

Dan Maher, Chair, LD12 Democrats