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2018 0810 - Ice Cream Social Tomorrow

posted Aug 22, 2018, 8:48 PM by Douglas County Democrats

Hello, Democrats!

This is a reminder about tomorrow’s Ice Cream Social.  We hope you have it on your calendar and plan to attend!  The major things we'll need have been covered.  Ice cream, syrups, serving/eating things.  Feel free to bring fruit, candies, etc, to make sundaes.  Other desserts are welcome, too.


For the agenda, we expect it to be casual, take a little breather with friends as we begin our march toward November and beyond.  We’ll ask people to get engaged and we'll share info from Tina’s GOTV tour stop here Sunday.  Recap the election.  We have many new PCOs and helpers in the field and encourage everyone to join their neighborhood teams.  Our new Dem HQ is up-n-running.  We’re ready to do this!


Hope to see you all tomorrow.  Sign up here.


Ice Cream Social, 5p at Walla Walla Park Shelter #1  (set-up at 4p, help cleaning up afterward appreciated)


Bill, Dan, and Karen