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posted Oct 20, 2014, 5:03 PM by Douglas County Democrats   [ updated Oct 20, 2014, 6:21 PM ]




(Statements are for information only.  Listing here should not be considered

an endorsement, unless so stated.)

Each local candidate running for elected office in Douglas County, Washington, was invited to submit a personal statement answering the following questions.

·        Who are you?

·        For which office are you running?

·        What experience and motivations do you “bring to the table”?

·        If elected, what goals will you strive to achieve?


(Races listed in ballot order.  Not all candidates submitted statements.)

Candidates for Douglas County Auditor, 4 year term, Partisan:


Thad Duvall, East Wenatchee (Prefers Democratic Party)


The county auditor is responsible for recording documents, vehicle licensing, elections and voter registration, and auditing county expenditures. All functions of the Auditor’s Office are very important to every citizen in Douglas County.  Elections provide a voice for the people and are the very basis of democracy and grass roots politics at the local, state and federal level.  Recording documents preserves the right to private property, which is one of the basic tenets of a free society.  Licensing and tracking vehicle and vessel ownership facilitates personal property rights and our free mobile society.  Accounting and budget tracking are essential, so that county elected officials, departments and the public know how public funds are expended.  However, if we were to gauge importance by how much media attention is generated, elections would win the day.

We live in an ever-changing environment.  Keeping up with new technology and software is an ongoing challenge.  Currently we are using hard copy payroll timekeeping.  We are looking for electronic timekeeping software that will interface with our current general ledger.  I am on the Secretary of State Technology Committee tasked with determining the best election software that would work for the whole state.  Changes in election and payroll software would improve the current workings of our office.  

My 17 years of proven award-winning leadership and experience make me the best candidate for Douglas County Auditor.  As Douglas County Auditor, I have taken numerous management courses, resulting in the designation of “Certified Public Official” (CPO).  I have also taken courses from the Election Center through Auburn University, achieving the national designation of “Certified Election and Registration Administrator” (CERA).  This training has given me the ability to administer an office that has:  

·         conducted more than 60 elections accurately expressing the will of Douglas County voters

·         provided excellent customer service in Licensing and Recording with quick turnaround for        license tabs and plates, and recorded documents now available online free to the public

·         accurate Budgeting, Payroll, and Accounts Payable

I have received the following awards in recognition of my skills, experience and training: 

·        “Auditor of the Year” awarded by Secretary of State Sam Reed

·        “Voter Outreach Award”, also from Sam Reed

·         Washington State Association of County Auditors “President’s Award” from Kim Wyman,           who is now our current Secretary of State

I have also been endorsed by the Washington State Farm Bureau PAC and Douglas County Democrats.

Name:            Thad Duvall

Age:                 61

City:                 East Wenatchee

Work History: Farming, Real Estate, Banking, County Appraiser for Chelan and

                        Douglas Counties, and Douglas County Auditor for the past 17 years.

Education:      Graduate of Moses Lake High School and Big Bend Community College

                        Course work at Eastern Washington University

                        Certified Public Official

                        Washington State Certified Elections Administrator

                        National Certified Elections and Registration Administrator (CERA) obtained by                                attending Election Center Courses from Auburn University

Personal:        Husband to Rebecca, Father of 4, Stepfather of 4, Grandfather of 9

                        (and one on the way).  Enjoy hiking, camping, fishing, music, sports, family

                        history,serving in my church and on the Boy Scouts of America Troop Committee.




Candidate for Douglas County Treasurer, 4 year term, Partisan:


Nona Haberman, Waterville (Prefers Republican Party)


My name is Nona Haberman and I am running for Douglas County Treasurer for a second term. I have worked for Douglas County over the last 12 years, initially with WSU Extension then in the Auditor’s office where I managed accounts payable and then payroll.


In 2009, Mary Dodge, who had held the office as Treasurer for Douglas County for 27 years, decided to retire.  Mary approached me, asking me to consider running for Douglas County Treasurer. At that time, I was very satisfied working in the Auditor’s office. Mary had served as Douglas County Treasurer with excellence; her staff was known to be very efficient, providing good customer service and a great work ethic. Even knowing this though, the thought of running for office seemed rather intimidating. But this opportunity challenged me, a challenge I would regret if not undertaken. After much thought, I decided to run for office with Mary Dodge’s support. Having served Douglas County in payroll and accounts payable was a big bonus to my understanding of the various taxing districts and entities of Douglas County. Mary clearly saw it as a natural fit, but more than that, I believe Mary saw my desire to serve.


 My desire to serve continues and that is why I have decided to run a second term. There is much work to be done with the many changes in the world of money management. Change is always a challenge, yet one I am willing to make when it serves the needs of Douglas County. In the last four years, we have made many improvements using new technologies that have increased efficiency, accuracy, and better service to the public. My goal is to continue on this path for the next four years. As a public servant, I feel I have the duty to protect the tax payer’s money, cut operating cost where possible, introduce new efficiencies and transparencies, and make our office as approachable to the public as possible. I also hope to become more involved with WSACT (Washington State Association of County Treasurers).

Candidates for Douglas County Clerk, 4 year term, Partisan:


Laurie Miller, East Wenatchee (Prefers Republican Party)


My name is Laurie Miller and I am running for Douglas County Clerk.  I’m seeking this position because have extensive experience in clerk’s office operations, my career objective is to become the Clerk here in Douglas County and I sincerely believe I’m the best candidate for this position.  After you read this statement, I hope you will agree. 


My career began in the Grant County Clerk’s Office in 1975 while I was still in high school.  After

attending Washington State University, I was hired by the Chelan County Clerk’s Office in 1981.  My husband’s employment then took us to Utah and eventually back to Washington.  I returned to the Wenatchee area in 2004 and happily rejoined the Chelan County Clerk’s Office.  Currently, I am a Legal Clerk in the District Court Clerk’s Office.  But I live in Douglas County, my first love is Superior Court and, with Juanita Koch’s retirement, I am seeking the Clerk’s position here. 


During my career, I have performed all functions of the Clerk’s Office including records management, jury coordinator, courtroom clerk, fee/fine collection, front-counter operations and assisting the Court Facilitator.  I know and understand what’s needed for every aspect of the Clerk’s duties – and as Clerk, I will not hesitate to directly serve the public.


In addition to my court-related background, my experience includes four years as an Office Manager in the Federal Way School District, supervising over 50 teaching and non-teaching staff and managing the budget, payroll and purchasing functions for a 450-student school.  This experience is directly applicable to the Clerk’s management and administrative duties. 


I have been a servant to my community, currently serving on the Wenatchee Area Salvation Army

Advisory Board and as a court-appointed Guardian ad Litem for Chelan-Douglas CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate).  I participate in these organizations because I believe volunteers are at the heart of helping people in need.  Volunteer service also gives me empathy for and perspective about many of the people served by the Clerk’s Office.


The County Clerk’s most important statutory responsibility is to maintain the integrity of the records for all Superior Court proceedings.  To help accomplish this, a Clerk must stay current on state-initiated system changes and available technology that may affect this important function.  The Clerk also should make use of current technology for document imaging, receipting, electronic document filing and case management to achieve more efficient operations and better serve the public.  I have direct experience in such projects and will undertake cost-effective technology initiatives in Douglas County.


My goal is to provide Douglas County with a “full-service” Clerk’s office, not the statutory minimum now offered.  This means offering all services currently provided by Chelan County.  For example, we will supply basic family law forms and offer Court Facilitator services for general information and filing assistance.  The cost will be funded by people who use the services, along with budget and staff time savings realized from operational efficiencies.  We will provide passport services, providing additional revenue.  As Clerk, I will no longer defer any revenue to Chelan County for services the Douglas County Clerk’s Office can and should provide.



Tristen Worthen, Waterville (Prefers Republican Party)

My name is Tristen Worthen, the Candidate for the Douglas County Clerk’s office that will provide a SEAMLESS transition to the citizens of Douglas County.  As a 24 year veteran of the Court system and a current Douglas County Clerk and Collections Officer for the Superior Court, I am completely trained, fully qualified and ready to step into the job.  This will create a savings for the tax payers of Douglas County, as they have already invested in the last 10 years of my service with Douglas County.  My goal is to keep moving forward with the current framework that has been effectively established by our retiring Clerk, Juanita Koch, by looking into online services that will make our office more accessible to the public.

Personally, I have been married to my husband for 24 years and we have 2 teen-age sons.  I am a 5th generation member of Douglas County as my family has been farming in this area for over 100 years.  My highest priority is to serve all the citizens of Douglas County in the most courteous and professional manner.

As change is inevitable and with my 24 years of experience, 10 of those previous years as a court administrator, managing a budget and office similar to the Douglas County Clerk’s office, I promise to deliver a SEAMLESS Transition. 


Candidates for Douglas County PUD Commissioner Position 2, 6 year term, Nonpartisan:

Steve Pauly, East Wenatchee (Nonpartisan)


My name is Steve Pauly.  I am running for Douglas County PUD Commissioner Position

Number 2.  Lynn Heminger is retiring from this position after 24 years of excellent service.  I

have been researching the PUD and going to Commission meetings for 10 months.  The Douglas

County PUD is in good financial condition.  Wells Dam produces the lowest cost electricity in

the country, and the entire organization is managed by an efficient team of professionals.  I am

running for this commissioner position because I am very interested in the PUD and the positive

impact it has on residents and businesses in Douglas County.


My qualifications for Douglas County PUD Commissioner come from working for more than 34

years in the tree fruit agricultural industry.  This business experience has included sales,

marketing, warehouse supervision, and orchard management focused in these areas:


·         Balancing revenue, cash flow, and debt

·         Executing construction and renovation projects efficiently

·         Managing market risk and opportunity


These are three important areas in which the agricultural industry and the PUD share common

management and economic strategies.  I believe my expertise in these business areas will be

valuable in helping guide the PUD into the future.


There are two new major projects which will help shape the future of the PUD.  The first is the

rebuilding of aging power generators at Wells Dam.  This is an extensive renovation process that

will take 9 years to complete and cost upwards of $170 million.  The second is renegotiating the

sales contracts for power sold to other utilities for the first time in nearly 50 years.  This is a

tremendous opportunity to increase revenue, pay down debt, and secure a stable financial future

for the PUD. 


In the simplest form, the primary goals of the PUD Commissioners are to “keep the rates low,

keep the power on, and keep the PUD out of trouble.” Douglas County enjoys the lowest electric

power rates in the country.  My goal as your commissioner will be to maintain this important

legacy in a responsible and fiscally conservative manner.


I thank you for your support.



Molly Doneen Simpson, East Wenatchee (Nonpartisan)



I am a 4th generation Douglas County resident. I graduated from Eastmont High School and

earned a degree in Communications from the University of Washington. My husband, Rob, and

I have been married for 23 years and have 3 children: Rachel, who is currently a freshman at

Washington State University, and 14 year old twins, Ethan and Emma, who are in 9th grade at

Eastmont Junior High. For many years I have been very active in the community, volunteering

my time to many different service, school and sports organizations. I am currently employed as

a Project Coordinator at the Washington Apple Commission.


Why am I running, experience and motivation:

Two years before I was born, my father, Mike Doneen, was elected to serve as your Douglas

County PUD Commissioner – a position he held for more than 4 decades. This gave me a unique

perspective of the Douglas PUD and the role of its commissioners.  My life-long connection to

the PUD and my understanding of the philosophy behind the traditions that shaped the PUD

are what motivated me to run for this position. I have the educational background, community

involvement and work experience that will make me a well-rounded commissioner.

Additionally, I would be honored to be the first woman elected to serve as a PUD Commissioner

in Douglas County. I am very proud of my father’s service to the PUD and I want to instill that

same sense of pride in my family.



While meeting people during this campaign, the overwhelming response I have been getting is,

“Don’t change anything.” People are very pleased with the PUD and the excellent reputation

they have built over the years. They don’t want commissioners who would do anything to

jeopardize that. The Douglas County PUD has one of the lowest rates in the nation. This did not

happen by chance. This is happening because of the long tradition of fiscally responsible

managers, employees and commissioners. I want the voters to know they can trust me to work

my hardest and continue the tradition of keeping the rates low and providing reliable service

for the customer-owners of Douglas County.