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posted Oct 18, 2013, 9:54 PM by Douglas County Democrats   [ updated Oct 21, 2013, 7:45 PM ]




(Statements are for information only and should not be considered as an endorsement of any candidate.)

Each candidate running for elected office in Douglas County, Washington, was invited to submit a personal statement answering the following questions. 

·        Who are you?

·        For which office are you running?

·        What experience and motivations do you “bring to the table”?

·        If elected, what goals will you strive to achieve?


(Races listed in ballot order.  Not all candidates submitted statements.)


City of East Wenatchee Council Position 7 (4 year term)


Dan Sutton:

Who am I?  I am a 54 year old family man, married 31 years and father of a 22 year old college student. I have been in business management for 30+ years focused on the hospitality industry. I was born and raised in Wenatchee, my wife and I moved to Seattle in 1985 to pursue our educational and career goals. I managed upscale restaurants for Anthony’s HomePort for 14+ years. We moved back to the Wenatchee valley in 2004 to take over the Cottage Inn Restaurant and have my son finish his schooling in the East Wenatchee school system. My wife, Cheryl was a union representative for BTCGM local 9 and finished her term commuting for nearly 2 years before moving over. We are both very dedicated to our work and more importantly to the people who rely on us to provide them with a livelihood.


I am running for City Council position 7, East Wenatchee.


Experience:  I bring a world of experience; I was blessed to work in a multicultural and multinational city. I made many acquaintances and friendships from people from many nations from Kenya to Malaysia and the Ukraine to the Marshal islands and many point in between; If one is open and interested you can learn so very much. This combined with many years of business management of multi-million dollar companies and a strong back ground in Human resources has led me to where I am now.


My goals are to represent each and every citizen of East Wenatchee; my experiences have given me a broad palette of experience from which to draw upon. There are many projects in East Wenatchee including UGA, new schools and infrastructure improvements. I want to help prioritize these projects to give maximum benefits to the citizens within a timely manner.


Thank you.  Sincerely, Dan Sutton

City of East Wenatchee Council Position 7 (4 year term)


Wayne “Barney” Barnhart:

Hello, my name is Wayne Barnhart and I’m asking to be  re-elected to  the position of East Wenatchee Councilmember. I have served you for the past 6 years and I hope to work for you the next four years.  Being born and raised in East Wenatchee, graduating from Eastmont High School and attended Wenatchee Valley College.   Served in the U.S. ARMY for three years and one tour in Vietnam.

Have represented you as a Douglas County  Sewer commissioner for 20 plus years. 

September 2006 appointed to fill a vacancy on the council.  Then in 2008 elected to fill out the remainder of that term.

Then  was elected to my first full 4 year term in November 2009.

Retired from Douglas County Fire District No. 2 serving 33 years, the last eight has Fire Chief.

I have brought a vast knowledge, history to the position. We have the best team of City Employees and a solid team of City Council members that represent your city well.   With a team effort the city has maintain a solid financial position during the past four years and I believe has weathered the storm. Being a councilmember requires listening, speaking and making an informed decision.  Whatever the outcome of the vote I believe in supporting  the council’s decision.

Again, I would ask for your support and Vote for Wayne “Barney” Barnhart


Eastmont School District Director Position #4 (at large) (6 year term)


William Armes:

William Armes, At large position for Douglas country school board.  Retired USDA, Forest Service forester/silviculturist (32 years), Major, USAR (22 Years), 24 years living in East Wenatchee, My son and daugher have attended school (K-12) in the Eastmont school district.  Graduate of WSU (forest management) and UW (silviculture Institute)


Would like to see more diversity in the facality and administration of the Eastmont school district, so that it reflects the student body's diversity.  If elected I will push for more diversity in the ranks of teachers and administration.  The applicant pool needs to be expanded so the Superidentant can improve the selection process.  I am an independent canditate (neither democate or republican) as the position is non-partisan.  I am running becasue I am tired of the lack of applicants who run for elected office in Douglas County.  Since 30-40 percent of the population is democratic, as you have alluded to, it would be nice to have more choice when you get your ballet.  I have lived in this county for 24 years and I am appaulded at the lack of choice when I get my ballot.  It usually only has one canditate and that canditate is usually republican.  When the political process does not provide people with a choice, it is failing the very people it is intended to serve.  Why vote when you have no choice!!!!????  How can one party (republican party) serve the entire communtiy when it does not represent the entire community?  Diversity of political thought needs to be vastly improved in Douglas County if it really serves the people.


Town of Waterville Councilperson #2 (4 year term)


Edward L. Worthen:

Thank you for this opportunity.  I will do my best to answer your questions.


We invite you to submit a personal statement which answers a few simple questions.

·        Who are you?  My name is Ed Worthen, I have been married for 22 years to Tristen Rock Worthen.  I have two boys Trey age 18 and Tyler age 14.  I graduated from Waterville High School,  I have a BA degree from Eastern Washington University, and Heritage College.  I have taught special education for the past 18 years in Waterville, I own 8 rental properties, that my wife and I manage, we have two mobile food businesses, and a restaurant in Waterville called The Shocker Shack.  I volunteer as a youth basketball coach, and coach between 50 and 75 games per year.

·        For which office are you running? City Council of Waterville.

·        What experience and motivations do you “bring to the table”?  I am the past president of the Delta Chi fraternity,  I am the past president of the Manson Business Council, I am the current president of the Delta Chi Housing Corporation, and I am the current president of the Central Washington Athletic Foundation.  My motivations that I bring to the table would be, I am motivated to see Waterville grow with families that bring students to our school and business to our community.  I am motivated to change our main street from having many of the doors closed, to a vibrant electric main street.   I am motivated to keep costs down for the taxpayers, yet provide the needed services a community needs.

·        If elected, what goals will you strive to achieve?  If elected my goals will be pointed towards my motivations.  A community that promotes family growth, a vibrant business community, and to make sure the taxpayers are getting $2.00 worth of services for every $1.00 of taxes paid.


That would be me in a nutshell,


Ed Worthen


Hospital District #6 (Coulee Community) Hospital Commissioner #5 (6 year term)


Betty Brueske:

I am excited to respond to your invitation to let the citizens of Douglas County know who I am since it is difficult to "be known" in such a large geographical area!  I am running for a Commissioner's Seat on Hospital Board #6, the Medical Center which serves multiple counties in the Grand Coulee Dam Area .  I have lived and worked here for the past 31 years, first as a mental health professional and then as a school counselor and teacher.  I retired last year, but knew I had too much energy and desire to give to my community to really retire.  I spend my time now volunteering as a coordinator with the senior center, am an active member of the Lions Club, and the Red Cross.  I had been a Board member at the local hospital in the 80'S, before it consolidated (and positions were elected) so I decided that would be another way of contributing my talents.  I see myself as intelligent, capable, positive and enthusiastic, seeking to find ways to make health care available to all. ( For example, I'm currently spearheading a free vision screening for all members of our community.  The Lions Club will sponsor this event, and the GCD Seniors will host.) I support health care reform, but not at the expense of those least able to afford cuts.  The high costs of drugs and of medical care need to be addressed.  I hope to be a strong voice for those who are the most needy in the community, whether they are working families, seniors, or youth. )  We need to maintain high quality medical services while at the same time reducing the exorbitant costs which have been allowed to spiral beyond the average person's ability to afford them.  I believe this IS possible and will seek consensus with others to achieve this goal.


A sincere thank you for your invitation,


Betty Brueske

Douglas County Democrats,
Oct 21, 2013, 7:45 PM