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11/20/17 LOCAL DEMOCRATS -- Mid-November e-Newsletter

posted Mar 28, 2018, 11:07 PM by Douglas County Democrats

Democrats and Friends,


From our homes to yours, we wish you warm times in good spirits over the weeks ahead.  Although there are challenges, we count you among our many blessings and hope you feel the same.


Over the past few weeks, we’ve celebrated being together at the Annual Chelan-Douglas Democratic Dinner.  We’ve gathered in Cashmere to meet and hear from six Democratic candidates for the 8th CD which was hosted by NCW United and Indivisible Wenatchee.  Many attended “Water, Wind, and Fire” presentation co-hosted by Climate Conversations NCW.  A large group responded to the townhall on immigration, moderated by Mona Das.  And there’s much more ahead.  Join in, as you’re able.  Keep making calls, having conversations, and standing up.


This week:


1.   Monday, November 20, 2017, UNITE Wenatchee Valley: 5:30p potluck, 6:30p program: Joan Qazi on the Climate Reality Project.  All are Welcome!

UNITE Wenatchee Valley

Monday, Nov 20, 5:30 potluck and 6-7:30 for program, focus group discussion, and sharing.  The meeting will be held
at the Wenatchee Community Center, 504 S Chelan St, Wenatchee.

PROGRAM: Joan Qazi attended a training with Al Gore this spring and
became a member of the Climate Reality Leadership Corps.  She will share a program about the Climate Reality Project (~20 min plus Q&A).  Plan to
attend (and bring a friend!) to learn more about what actions each of us
can take to work for climate justice.  Yes, we can make a difference!

Email for more info.

2.    Tuesday, November 21, 2017 Democratic “Coffee Break” at Pybus Market, 10a—noon-ish.  

Informal gathering of friends for conversation, planning, and sharing.  Bring a friend!

3.    Thursday, November 30, 5—7p, Democratic “Taste O’ Politics” informal no-host gathering –postponed due to holiday schedules.  Mark your calendar for Dec 28!


4.   Important announcement for NCW Democrats!

At the December 6, 2017 Joint NCW Democratic General Meeting we will be conducting elections to fill vacant officer’s positions for both the Democrats of Chelan County organization and the 12th Legislative District organization.


The following vacant positions need to be filled:


A.      12th LD State Committee man – as Patrick Bodell has resigned.

B.      Chelan County State Committee man – as Eric Torres has been inactive.

C.      Chelan County Vice Chairperson – as Joanna Nesgoda will be moving.

Some background information about these positions and the bylaws requirement about the election process.


State Committee Man/Woman:

·         The State Committee Man (SCM) and Woman (SCW) provides a communication link between the local party and the state party organization.  The SCM/W carry our voice and vote to the state organization.  It is expected that the SCM/W report their understand The County and LD State Committee persons’ term of service will be from the date of election until the next reorganization meeting in December or January following the 2018 General Election. 

·         An individual elected needs to be able to attend the State Central Committee meetings and convention.  The next State Central Committee meeting will be held in Bellingham and is scheduled to start on Friday January 26, 2018 and runs until Sunday January 28th.  The State Convention will be in Wenatchee starting on Friday June 15th through Sunday June 17th.  The final State Committee Meeting for 2018 will be scheduled for September, with location to be announced soon (probably in the Seattle area).

·         The individual must be willing to participate on at least one state-level committee (i.e. WA State Democratic Central Committee Committees are formal organizations appointed by the State Party Chair to do specific work for the WSDCC.  All State Committee members have be appointed to serve on one of the committees. Committee meetings are open to the public, but only appointed members will be able to speak or vote at committee meetings.  Committees are Affirmative Action, Communications and Training, Eastern Washington, Elections, Finance, Resolutions, Rules, and Technology).

·         State Committee persons are expected to attend the joint State Committee meetings and are members of their respective county or LD organization executive committee.

·         A nominal stipend is available to help cover the costs for lodging and meals.  Members traveling to State meetings often share costs.


Vice Chairperson:

The Vice Chairperson is a member of his/her respective executive committee and is expected to participate in activities, meetings, and help with recruiting PCOs and precinct helpers.  In the event that the Chair is unable to attend a meeting or function, the Vice Chair will be asked to step forward.


The voting process is outlined in our respective bylaws: 

Only elected PCOs (those elected in August 2016) can vote for officers.  After the Bi-annual reorganizational meeting, all Chelan County Democrats can vote on policy issues.


Here are excerpts and links to:


Democrats of Chelan County bylaws:

A.   The DCC shall hold an organizational meeting, to be known as the: Bi-annual Organizational Meeting; no later than the third Saturday in January following each general election. A majority of the Officers of the DCC shall establish the time and location for this organizational meeting and shall mail written notice at least ten days before the scheduled meeting to all newly elected or re-elected Precinct Committee Officers. Notice of the organizational meeting shall also be given to at least one newspaper of general circulation in Chelan County, Washington, and to such other news media as is deemed appropriate. The organizational meeting shall be held within Chelan County, Washington.

B.   If a vacancy should occur in any office of the DCC, the vacancy shall be filled by a majority vote of the Chelan County Precinct Committee Officers present at the next regularly held meeting of the DCC following the occurrence of the vacancy, or at any duly called special meeting of the DCC. The office of Second Vice-chair may be left unfilled until the following organizational meeting.

C.   Any officer may be removed upon two-thirds vote of those eligible to vote under Article II, Section E. of these Bylaws, provided at least fifteen (15) days prior notice of the meeting and the grounds for removal are given to the DCC membership and to the officer whose removal is sought. In the event the officer subject to removal would otherwise act as the presiding officer of such meeting, he or she shall be ineligible to preside.  


and 12th LD bylaws:

1.          Duties of these officers shall be:

A.         Chair
            The Chair shall call and preside over meetings and other administrative business of the organization and shall be the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the 12th LD and its Executive Committee.

B.         Vice Chair
            The Vice Chair shall serve in the absence of the Chair and perform such other duties as assigned by the Chair.  In the event the Chair position is vacated, for any reason, the Vice Chair shall become the Chair and the Executive Committee shall select a new Vice Chair.

C.         State Committee Persons
            The 12th LD Committeeman and Committeewoman shall represent the membership of the 12th LD to the Washington State Democratic Central Committee and report to the membership regarding the business of the State Committee.

D.         Secretary
            The Secretary shall keep the minutes of all meetings and all records of the organization except those assigned to other officers.  The Secretary shall be responsible for notifying the members of the time and place of all meetings.

E.        Treasurer
            The Treasurer shall have custody of all funds, keep accurate accounts and deposit all monies in a bank designated by the Executive Committee.  The Treasurer shall make all required reports to the Public Disclosure Commission and provide financial reports to the 12th LD.

F.         Vacancies
            In the event of vacancy in any office other than that of the Chair, said vacancy shall be filled by selection of the Executive Committee members.


and WA-Dem State bylaws:


We announced these vacancies at the last NCW Dem General Meeting (Nov 1) and at the annual dinner (Nov 8).  Since then, we have received the following expressions of interest:

12th LD SCM: Paul Parmley

Chelan County Dem SCM: Ed Martinez

Chelan County Dem Vice-chair: John Haggerty

The election on Dec 6 will be open to nominations from the floor, as well.  Please give Bill or Dan a call if you have questions.



We all look forward to seeing and working with you again soon.  Watch for details for our annual December party!


Karen Keleman, Chair, Douglas County Democrats (509-630-3055)

Bill Miller, Chair, Democrats of Chelan County (425-444-9598)

Dan Maher, Chair, 12th LD Democrats (509-433-7336)