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10/3/17 Fwd: LOCAL DEMOCRATS--General Meeting info and web access for PCOs/precinct volunteers

posted Mar 28, 2018, 10:58 PM by Douglas County Democrats



Most of us would agree that our nation is going through difficult and challenging times.  We know that going to a meeting is not high on many people's list of favorite things to do.  Our days are precious and limited.  By virtue of your willingness to volunteer and step forward (no matter how big that step), we believe that you are willing to be part of the local efforts that will turn the tide.  You are part of the Democratic Leadership Team that will accomplish change in our area, one step at a time.  In order to do that, we want and need your thoughtful input and help.  


If you are an elected or appointed Precinct Committee Officer, you are part of the central committee for our organizations: Democrats of Chelan County, Douglas County Democrats, and the 12th Legislative District Democrats.  You are responsible for electing the local party leadership (once every 2 years) and are expected to participate in decision-making, to the best of your abilities.  There is no "one size fits all" litmus test for PCO involvement.  Some of you are full of energy and heart for the Democratic mission, but have never been asked to do a task.  Some of you volunteer for our events and projects.  Some of you are up to your armpits in political activism--or you're taking care of parents or squiring kids to and fro.  Some can walk their precincts, some are able to make phone calls.  Some have huge computer skills, some make the best cookies and coffee.  You get the drift... we are like a big family where we need to value each of our capacities to contribute.  And we are all volunteers, and yes, things "happen" in our lives and we all need to adjust for one another.  We appreciate each of you--and want to get better acquainted by working together to turn NCW blue again!


Our monthly meetings are for YOU.  They are the place where we discuss the important issues of our party and make decisions about what to do.  In your absence, a handful of us have been leading by default, trying to make good decisions about how to use our resources of time and talent.  But we'll be so much better, can accomplish so much more with your help!


We've wanted to provide a way for everyone to attend our monthly general meetings.  Some of us live in the far reaches of a very large area --from one to two hours' drive away.  So, we've made arrangements for PCOs and precinct volunteers to connect via Google Go-To-Meeting (thank you Dan Maher, for setting this up!)  Here it is!


──────────────────────────────────────── Please join our meeting from Google Chrome on your computer.


Just click the link above in your Chrome browser.   Join anytime between 6:30 and 7.  No password or access code necessary.  Maximum virtual attendees: 10


If this doesn't work out for you this month, we'll try again next month--always the first Wednesday, at 7pm.


Also, please get in touch soon and say that you'll be attending the annual Democrats' dinner on 11/8.  Bob Ferguson wants to talk with us!


Please let us know if you have questions.  We hope to see you tomorrow, when our WA-Dem field organizer, Maria Beltran, will provide us with updates about this summer's canvasses and about the tools we can use to contact voters more efficiently.


Karen, Bill, and Dan