2018 endorsements

(will post when available)


Douglas County Democrats and Democrats of Chelan County have made the following endorsements:


·         US President/Vice-President: Hillary Clinton / Tim Kaine

·         US Senator:  Patty Murray

·         US Representative, District 4: no endorsement

·         US Representative, District 8: Tony Ventrella 

·         WA Governor:  Jay Robert Inslee

·         WA Lieutenant Governor:  Cyrus Habib

·         WA Secretary of State:  Tina Podlodowski

·         WA Treasurer: no endorsement

·         WA Auditor:  Pat McCarthy

·         WA Attorney General:  Bob Ferguson

·         WA Commissioner of Public Lands:  Hilary Franz

·         WA Insurance Commissioner:  Mike Kreidler

·         WA Senator, District 12:  no endorsement

·         WA Representative, District 12, Pos 1:  Dan Maher

·         WA Representative, District 12, Pos 2:  no endorsement

·         WA Supreme Court Justice, Pos 1:  Mary Yu

·         WA Supreme Court Justice, Pos 5:  Barbara Madsen

·         WA Supreme Court Justice, Pos 6:  Charlie Wiggins

Ballot Measures (Douglas County Dems)

·         Eastmont Educational and Operations Levy: YES

·         Eastmont Capital Levy: YES

·         Eastmont Metro Park:  YES

For other ballot measure and candidate information and recommendations, refer to:

 ·       WA Progressive Voter’s Guide

·         WA-Democrats Endorsements

·         WA State Labor Council

·         WA Education Association